“Concrete Clad 2″ & “Shadows of Ourselves” (2014)

Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP)

19 January – 16 February 2014

Paul exhibited two bodies of work:

exhibition-d“Concrete Clad 2″ is an exploration of whether humans are increasingly leading a dystopic existence, lost in desolate, artificial and alienating landscapes that are shutting out the natural environment.

Alien“Shadows of Ourselves” is a study of the human shadow Contemplation of our shadow questions whether they are an accurate reflection of our personae, or are they another part of ourselves? Perhaps “another self”, that disturbingly, we are not aware of?

Solo Exhibition

2013 “Concrete Clad 2″, U&I Espresso, Brisbane, QLD

Group Exhibition

2012 “Concrete Clad”, Institute of Art, Brisbane, QLD