Service Reservoirs

The Spring Hill Service Reservoirs are historically significant as heritage-listed fresh water supply infrastructure. Two box-form in-ground reservoirs with arched baffle walls and cast-iron inlet and outlets were constructed by Henry Holmes between 1871 and 1882 to store water from the Enoggera Dam. Unusually they were built of rendered brick as opposed to concrete. Covered by low-lying gable-roofs (to prevent algal growth), they lie directly behind the Old Windmill on Wickham Terrace. Public access has been prohibited since they were decommissioned in 1962. However the Brisbane City Council recently granted the Underground Opera Company permission to stage a ” pop-up opera” in one of them providing a great entertainment venue and allowing access to a unique piece of built Brisbane architecture. Spring Hill, Brisbane; Images – August 2014.

Uncommissioned project.