Innovative and functional design drives hard edged, engineered industrial construction. I have seen this strongly emphasized in the mining sector where reliability and rugged endurance, coupled with precision engineering is critical to delivering process outcomes – sometimes even exceeding nameplate specifications.

Mining relies on extracting ore with big machinery, getting it delivered  via conveyors or trucks  to a processing plant where is is crushed, pulverised and processed in large, liquid-filled tanks to which chemical additives are added to extract, float and convey liberated ore product to a final refined stage by electroplating, roasting or smelting processes.

Wear and tear can be excessive and a process plant needs to be built to withstand the abrasive action of pulped solids, variable temperature fluids, and the corrosive nature of chemicals – meaning that tanks, vats, pipes, pumps, valves, hoppers, jigs, wear-plates, screens and a host of other components have to be robust, or at the very least easily replaceable when they become worn.