One of the reasons I like to cycle aimlessly around on my bike is that I get a much better opportunity to explore different vantage points of a city/urban environment than I would travelling quickly by car. Compared to walking I can cover ground more quickly on a bike (and stop and walk when the need arises).

Getting about on a bike allows me to explore alleyways, or the less-travelled street, peer over fences and get the feel and look of  bridges or railway-lines at different times of the day (and night). My eye is drawn to unusual juxtapositions of new and old architecture (perhaps where one structure abuts another or replaces it),  to the transience of a longer-lived structure (particularly ones that may be deteriorating and from which concrete or timber has broken and paint is peeling away).

I like to capture visual displays of man’s hand upon the land, no-matter whether the interplay is in subtle harmony, whimsical,  or a shocking affront.