Frank Gehry

Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao

An iconic design by Frank Gehry, the museum of modern and contemporary art is also listed as one of the 12 monumental treasures of Spain. It’s expressionist modern contemporary architectural style is eye-catching (there are no straight lines) and innovative (lightweight, curvaceous, shiny titanium panels comprise the exterior cladding along with glass walls that juxtaposed with regular forms built from stone). Since its opening in 1997 it has been lauded the world over by academics, critics and the public – a rare feat!

How to describe it? An Ark, a castle, a chaotic sheet metal puzzle, or a playful abstract fish sculpture… ? Unfortunately I don’t know how to interpret how the exterior forms interacted or influenced the design of the interior spaces as the museum was closed on the day I visited Bilbao!

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